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An entry has been made for outsourcer name: Logrus International


Willingness to work again: 5*
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Met in person:                 No
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Client size:                       very_large
Years in business:             10

GALA webinar on localization standards

June 09, 2011

On April 20, Logrus President and GALA Board of Directors member Serge Gladkoff joined one of the most experienced and reputed industry experts on localization standards, Arle Lommel, in holding a webinar focused on standards. It follows the discussion of standards touched off last month at the GALA 2011 conference in Lisbon.

The webinar covered the GALA efforts, plans, and accomplishments in the field of standard-setting. According to Serge Gladkoff, GALA's strategic decision to get involved in standard-setting efforts has been made in light of a combination of factors, both internal and external. They include the growing interest of clients in standardization as a way to enhance consistency among service providers, the greater capabilities of GALA to provide a working platform for the entire localization industry, and the need to fill the void left as LISA has folded its activities.

Arle Lommel outlined the GALA initiatives, plans, and vision in the field of standards. He opined that all industry representatives should be able to contribute freely to the standardization process, while any decisions made should be founded on a thorough study of the needs of various groups of people having anything to do with localization.Efforts in this area should proceed along the following key lines: creating awareness of standards, promotion and public relations, coordination of standard-setting efforts, monitoring of compliance with standards, and holding meetings and conferences. A crucial stage involves creating a single independent platform based on GALA for purposes of coordinating these efforts.

Next to speak was TAUS Operations Director Razheb Choudry, who described the TAUS contribution to the industry and its standardization initiatives.

The webinar concluded with an exchange of questions among the participants and a discussion of what they see as vital issues in this area. The participants agreed that any standard-setting efforts should proceed in the spirit of openness and mutually beneficial cooperation, not competition.

Download the record of the webinar

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