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All files can be considered final. Once they appear in a build - we will begin the software and UA integration testing.

Thanks a million for all your help on this and for the incredible speed with which you turned these components around.


Logrus at the Freelance Translator Virtual Conference

October 04, 2010

Logrus has made a video presentation "Taming the Thousand-faced Beast" at the Proz.com virtual conference. "The Freelance Translator Virtual Conference" was held by the Proz.com translators community on September 30, 2010, drawing over 10,000 participants.

In a real-time setting, freelance translators, representatives of translation agencies from the world over, and clients delivered their presentations touching on the various aspects of the localization process. Representing Logrus was its president Serge Gladkoff, who discussed the meaning of translation quality, whether or not it can be measured objectively and how to do it, and shared advice on how to avoid excessive subjectivity in evaluating the quality of a translation. The issue of a subjective evaluation of translation quality is especially relevant in the face of growing automation of the translation process with the use of machine translation technology, which often finds its way into translators’ work under pressure from clients or stealthily as freelance translators use freely available resources, such as Google Translate, often unbeknownst to the client. Buyers of translation services seek to minimize the impact of the human factor and retain the quality while demanding a low price. The presentation topic therefore commanded a lively interest from multiple listeners.

Logrus has a proprietary translation quality evaluation system developed in cooperation with clients, which has become part of international best practices in localization alongside other advanced solutions. The system covers both qualitative and quantitative indicators and serves as a platform for a full-fledged online evaluation service. Logrus is a recognized expert in the field of translation quality evaluation, successfully delivering the translation quality evaluation service to its large clientele of major international corporations, both as part of translation services and separately, purely as LQA service.

The presentation  is available in the publications section of our website

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