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Thanks a lot Roman! Delivering the files on a holiday is much appreciated! This delivery has avoided a delay to the client.

About the number 18!

August 12, 2011

Recently Logrus has successfully completed a project that was very important for the company and involved, among other things, translation from naval flag semaphoring into Russian. The translation was performed several tens of meters above the ground. Does it sound mysterious? There is no mystery. All this was a part of the company’s birthday celebration.

“A great day”, “A surge of adrenaline!”, “Cool and fun,” – all this and a lot more was said by the participants about the event that took place last Saturday, August 6th. On that day, Logrus reached the age of majority and celebrated the fact with the nearest and dearest – the employees and their friends. We ran down Moscow river in oared catamarans, went up in the sky in hot air balloons and so proved to ourselves once again that Logrus is a team, not only on dry land, but in the air and on the water as well.

And this is just the beginning. We are only 18, and this means that the most significant events of our life lie ahead of us!


It is worth mentioning that this occasion had the youngest participant of all our celebrations to date – 2 months old Yan, the son of one of our employees. This is how we make our people into team members as soon as they are born!

The baby witnessed the birth of another family: another of our employees proposed to his beloved in front of the entire company, so she has no doubts whatsoever.


This is how we have grown up! We are now ready for the most serious decisions and actions. Starting this Monday, well-rested and inspired, we are going to prove that in the workplace!


Happy 18th birthday!


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