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Please thank your linguistics for us for being so patient and for doing all this great work on the files.
We are so grateful to you and the linguists for all of the work you did, especially taking so much time to thoughtfully review all of the terminology implementations.

Jill Terminology Xerox Europe Technical Centre

Logrus at TAUS User Conference 2011

October 14, 2011

Logrus participated in the  TAUS User Conference 2011.

TAUS User Conference is an annual international event dedicated to translation automation, innovation and collaboration in the industry. This year the conference was held in Santa Clara (USA), on October 5th to 7th. In the course of the event, leading industry experts proposed solutions to urgent problems that the industry faces today, discussed opportunities for the translation industry worldwide, and evaluated leading edge localization technologies and strategies.

Logrus was represented by its CEO, Leonid Glazychev. Leonid delivered a presentation on the Logrus multi-functional TMX Editor, one of the latest tools developed by Logrus.

In his presentation, Leonid emphasized the importance of tools that could support industry-wide standards. At present the situation with tools in the industry is unsatisfactory: existing tools do not directly support working with multiple standard file formats, including .tmx (translation memory), .tbx (multilingual translation glossaries), etc. At the same time multilingual text corpora (existing sets of parallel translated texts used for training machine translation systems) provided by TDA (TAUS Data Association) typically cannot be used to train MT systems, e.g. Moses, without a significant amount of cleanup and editing. TMX editors available on the market either cost too much, or have very limited functionality, and are full of bugs. All of this means that the industry needs a usable TMX editor with full functionality, especially one available for free.

Logrus developed such an editor. It supports the open .tmx standard developed for translation memory exchange and offers an extensive set of functions for editing .tmx files.

Logrus, one of the largest translation service providers in Eastern Europe, develops in-house software and solutions for localization purposes, including multilingual website management and multiple tools and utilities.

You can download the Logrus TMX Editor free of charge from the Logrus website. The company’s experts keep on improving the tool and will be happy to hear your comments and suggestions!


Download presentation (.pdf, 102 kb)

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