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Hello Dimtry, I want to thank you once again for your efforts to make this project possible and real. There are going to be around 10k words so we must get ready to give this final push towards the big SUCCESS.
Thank you once again for the good job. It has been incredible the support of all of you.
THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best Regards,Alejandro

Logrus at Tekom Conference

December 29, 2011

On October 18-20, the Rhein-Main-Hallen expo center in Wiesbaden, Germany, hosted the annual Tekom conference, a high-profile international event centered on technical communications and data management. It featured over 200 lectures and master classes, a rallying point for international associations and organizations, and a commercial fair. International companies specializing in technical communications, localization, and translation made notable appearances at the event.

Logrus is a returning participant of the conference. Logrus President Serge Gladkoff shared his experience, presenting several reports touching on some hot topics. He offered insights into game theory and how it can make business cooperation more effective for the common good of all the parties involved, and help develop the industry.

Serge also broached the subject of modern business communication over social networks. As the founder and administrator of the Localization Professionals group, a major LinkedIn hub uniting over 12,000 translation and localization professionals, Serge Gladkoff shared the secrets of building a professional online community.

The audience was treated to Serge's presentation entitled Taming the Thousand-faced Beast: a Very Practical Implementation of Language Quality Assurance Service (LQS), with its focus on expert assessment of translation quality. The questions answered during the presentation ranged from overcoming the subjectivity of assessment to making sense of the multiple quality assessment criteria to working out a uniform methodology and professionally arranging the process at the company.

The presentation was backed by hands-on experience of Logrus. Efficient process automation, fine-tuned technologies, a global team of specialists in linguistic quality assessment, and a user-friendly online portal for customer interaction have won Logrus the reputation for being a recognized leader in multilingual assessment of translation quality.

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