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In the meantime, here is a small feedback we got from the actors recording the lines: 

The actors said that it was really impressive work, and that the translations were extremely natural-sounding and appropriate to the situation/context. The actors said it was some of the best translations they had seen for this kind of voice work.

So well done! And keep up the good work!


Logrus becomes an official SAP Language Service Partner

December 10, 2010

Logrus, which has been the SAP Corporation’s only certified partner for translations in Russia since 2009, was invited to take part in the SAP PartnerEdge program, and in November of 2010 obtained its new status as an official partner for software localization into Russian (SAP Language Service Partner).

The global program SAP PartnerEdge is aimed at expanding the partner network of SAP, which is the world leader in developing business management solutions. This program, which by its sheer scale is unparalleled throughout the entire world, involves hundreds of SAP’s partner companies in the fields of development, deployment, and provision of services. Logrus was one of the first companies to join the new Language Service Partners Track, which is another aspect of the program that brings together companies that provide translation services to SAP and its numerous partners. PartnerEdge status can only be obtained by companies that meet all quality requirements for translations and fulfill all conditions of the program, including the following:

  • highly qualified employees;
  • substantial experience working in the unique environment of SAP software translation;
  • thorough knowledge of the specific nuances of SAP product localization;
  • experience testing localized software.

Logrus has been working with SAP since 1996, and after a comprehensive, multi-level audit in 2009, our company became the only agency in Russia to be certified to translate from German and English into Russian. In 2010, Logrus advanced to a new level of collaboration with SAP; after confirming its compliance with global standards and becoming one of the first companies to obtain the status of an official language partner in the SAP PartnerEdge program, Logrus became SAP's only language service partner in Russia.

This new partner status serves as a testament to the high qualifications of our experts who ensure reliable and professional localization of software and its supporting documentation, including user guides, educational materials, and presentations. Localization of ERP solutions is one of our core areas of expertise and is handled by a special department with long-standing experience in the successful completion of these types of projects.

The quality certification received from SAP will serve as yet another recommendation of our company as a top supplier of translations of complex business software. Moreover, our partnership with SAP provides us the opportunity to not only offer our solutions and services within the extensive EcoHub partner ecosystem, but also receive new opportunities to share knowledge and experience and further enhance our translation services.

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