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Logrus Presents New Software Solution (CARPET) at Localization World, Paris, June 4-6, 2012

June 25, 2012

At this year’s Localization World conference, held June 4-6 at the Palais des congrès in Paris, Logrus presented a new tool to combine machine translation capabilities and translation memory software.

The 19th Localization World conference focused primarily on mobile devices, and covered several topics, including Global Business, Global Web, Localization Core Competencies, Translation Automation and Advanced Localization Management.

Logrus was represented by Renat Bikmatov who has many years of experience in localization and software development. Renat presented a report on translation automation and spoke about Logrus’ advanced machine translation software.

Although translation volumes have been growing annually, requirements for the product remain unchanged – clients need a flawless translation. Meanwhile, existing machine translation systems fail to provide acceptable quality. The techniques employed when using machine translation are not convenient or efficient enough, and require a post-editing phase. A shortcoming of contemporary translation technologies is the lack of connection between the individual processes, wherein files, dictionaries, terminologies, translation memories and machine translation all exist separately. Logrus’ new CARPET (Computer-Aided Rigorous Pre-translation Evaluation Tool) software offers a different approach to solving this problem.

CARPET accomplishes the task of combing the capabilities of machine translation systems, such as Moses or Microsoft’s MSMT, with translation memory technology. The source of a translation is selected automatically using a specified criterion or manually, and translatable files are imported into an internal database which has various filtering tools. The software includes user-friendly features for editing translation segments and segment attributes.

Logrus’ CARPET software combines the resources of translation memory and machine translation to achieve significant optimization of the process while preserving high translation quality and allowing for simple and easy integration into the process. As a center for the automation of process data management, CARPET has great capacity for development.

As one of the oldest and best-known translation and localization companies, Logrus researches advanced translation automation technology and develops systems and tools suitable for “real” automation. Machine translation has been attracting special attention, and in recent years Logrus has been conducting several research programs and developing a number of products in the field. The results enable a significant increase in translation productivity while upholding the originally high level of quality. Logrus has successfully used these solutions in commercial projects and has been very active in the field of translation and localization standards as well.

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