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Dear Serge,

I am pleased to share with you some positive feedback we have received regarding a proofreading job you performed for us a while back  tpt126592. The client said that your work was "the best translation he had ever seen."

Translation Forum Russia 2012

October 08, 2012

On September 28-30, Kazan hosted an international conference, Translation Forum Russia 2012.

Translation Forum Russia is the largest translation industry conference in Eastern Europe. For the fourth time now, it has brought together Russian and international localization professionals and buyers of translation services.

An active contributor to the conference, Logrus was represented by its President, Serge Gladkoff, who moderated discussion panels and presented two reports: "Moses MT Engine Research and Issues of Implementing Machine Translation" and "GALA Standards Initiative: Ideas, Tools, Projects, Involvement, and Benefits". Although the subject of machine translation is far from new, Serge Gladkoff's report generated a great deal of interest. The report provides a comprehensive overview of the results of practical usage of Moses MT from scratch, the challenges experienced when deploying this tool, and the opportunities it offers for rank-and-file translation companies. One of the major challenges—the lack of a proper TMX editor—was addressed by Logrus engineers, who developed their own editor and made it available to all users free of charge.

Serge Gladkoff's second report, focusing on the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA), also received a great deal of interest from the audience. As GALA Board Member and Standards Initiative Advisor, Mr. Gladkoff offered a detailed account of the ongoing standardization efforts. Standardization is an important stage in the development of a single localization industry, as it helps to address such problems as incompatibility of different technologies and business processes and the gap between service cost and quality expectations, while also unifying many organizational aspects. GALA has made a lot of progress in this regard, and the results of these efforts are up for public scrutiny.

Translation Forum Russia 2012 included a variety of activities: three days were packed with presentations, seminars, exhibitions, and competitions. The conference also featured a roundtable discussion themed "Colleagues, Partners, Friends. Or What Divides Us?", focusing on issues of cooperation between freelancers and translation companies. An initiative group that included Serge Gladkoff drafted a memorandum outlining the basic principles of this cooperation. The roundtable participants discussed and revised the memorandum, and the final document can be downloaded from the conference website.

As it gets more and more popular with each passing year, Translation Forum Russia mirrors the active growth of the translation industry in Russia and the positive changes occurring in the public perception of translation services in the Russian market. As an active contributor to the development of the industry, Logrus shares its experience and solutions and gets fellow professionals engaged in joint efforts that address current localization industry issues.

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