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I am just writing this to thank you and the Logrus team for all your hard work on Russian <popular software products>. Please extend my thanks, and the thanks of the team here in <well-known companies>, to the testers and everyone else involved in the production of what is a top quality application.


Logrus a member of W3C

December 28, 2012

W3CThe W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) is an international research community that develops and implements Web standards. The Consortium is led by the legendary Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee, author of many advanced high-technology designs. W3C members develop open standards that influence the future of the Web. HTML5 is a key standard and the only true cross-platform global standard. ITS 2.0 (Internationalization Tag Set v2.0) is part of the HTML5 standard. Logrus is one of the companies involved in the development project. Logrus professionals propose a number of ITS practical applications in localization and multilingual technology for IT and the World Wide Web. A full member of the W3C, Logrus is at the forefront of the developments shaping the future of the industry.

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