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W3C on home straight with HTML5 component ITS_2.0

December 28, 2012

W3CThe development of the ITS 2.0 standard, a component of HTML5, has hit the home straight.

The ITS (Internationalization Tag Set) standard is being developed by the W3C, the main technical standards organization for the World Wide Web. ITS is a set of tags for internationalization of HTML, XML and XLIFF content among others. The standard provides for the enrichment of text with metadata containing information on the linguistic properties of its elements such as: reading direction, interface terms and elements, non-translatable components, homograph meaning, and comments for translators.

The introduction of ITS 2.0 will be a new milestone in multilingual content development. The standard will help simplify creation, storage and consumption of content regardless of language. Additionally, web resource content enrichment will go a long way toward simplifying localization and helping improve its quality, as one of the main challenges in translation today is a lack of contextual information. Localization will be simplified even further when ITS 2.0 is introduced into XLIFF format.

ITS 2.0 will become part of the HTML5 and XML standards once the final version is approved by the W3C. Logrus supervises the project in terms of ITS 2.0 implementation in the localization process. Logrus professionals propose several applications of the ITS standard in localization, internationalization, cross-platform support and multilingual technology as applied to IT and the World Wide Web. A full member of the W3C consortium, Logrus is at the forefront of new development shaping the future of the industry.

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