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Logrus is participating in ITS 2.0 implementation

December 28, 2012

Logrus is participating in implementation of ITS 2.0, a new W3C standard and part of HTML5.

This December, Logrus innovative concepts for ITS implementation in multilingual localization were approved, and, as a result, Logrus was awarded a contract with Germany’s DFKI institute to develop visualization tools for ITS 2.0 metadata embedded in HTML5 pages. Logrus will undertake the project in cooperation with the W3C consortium, the architect of major World Wide Web standards.

DFKI is Germany's leading research institution in the field of innovative artificial intelligence software, and language technology (natural language processing) is among the institute’s priorities.

The ITS 2.0 standard provides for enrichment of HTML, XML and XLIFF content with tags representing linguistic context such as: information on terms present in the text, interface elements, non-translatable components, the meanings of polysemantic terms, etc. This type of text markup can considerably simplify and accelerate the localization process by sparing the translator the need to guess what exactly the author meant by one expression or another. Provided that ITS 2.0 is included in the HTML5 specification as planned by W3C, the markup will be supported by every popular web browser. This means that it will be possible to process content for localization directly in the browser.

The task before Logrus professionals is to visualize ITS 2.0 metadata in a web browser. The “Work In Context System” project will see the creation of tools that enable the translator to see both source text and metadata in a convenient format. The possibility of simultaneously working on the text and referring to the context visually presented in a type of “help window” will go a long way toward simplifying the localization process, especially information technology.

The project will be completed in the first half of 2013.

The initial results of the project will be presented at a W3C workshop in Rome in the March of 2013.

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