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Work in Context Project Wins Support from W3C

February 26, 2013

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), a major international organization with a mission to develop and implement technology standards for the Web, has published descriptions of projects implementing the ITS 2.0 (internalization tags) standard. Among them is a Logrus project that aims to create a Work in Context technology for delivering context information. It is based on the ITS 2.0 standard and uses the capabilities of the HTML5 format.

The project aims to develop the means of visualizing content-embedded metadata of the ITS 2.0 standard. This should significantly simplify and speed up the localization of such content.

Thanks to the solution being developed by Logrus, translators and editors will have access to terminology databases, client instructions, links to relevant websites, and information about terms, interface elements, and much more, as they process texts. The Work in Context technology will not require installing specialized software. Any browser will suffice to use it.

In early March, Logrus will be showcasing the first results of the project at the W3C MultilingualWeb conference in Rome.

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