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Dear Yuri, 

Attached you can find results of the LQI (Language Quality Inspection). 
Overall translation quality - accuracy, language, style, terminology, functional, regional, compliance  is fine and I have no comments/objections.
I would like to congratulate you on this great result! 
In advance thank you very much!

Best regards,


Transcoder of text files by Logrus

April 11, 2013

Logrus presents Logrus Recode, a new in-house developed application. This is a universal transcoder of text files with advanced features.

Recode utility designed to convert arbitrary text files from one encoding standard that is supported by Windows, into a different encoding (ANSI<->UTF8<->JAVA<->UNICODE(UTF16 Little Endian)<->BUNICODE(UTF16 Big Endian)<->UTF32(Little Endian)<->BUTF32(Big Endian)).

In addition to the actual code conversion Logrus Recode allows:

  • Changing the format of the transfer line (EOL).
  • Adding or removing BOM-prefixes.
  • Making a preview of files in the specified encoding.
  • Automatically detecting the encoding of files.

The application is free and distributed as an executable file. All rights are reserved by Logrus.

You are welcome to download Logrus Recode here.

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