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Dear Logrus,

I wanted to share with you some positive feedback that I've received on your offline translation work.
For the <popular software products> offline project, the reviewer was very satisfied with the quality of the translation.
Please allow me to add my thanks for you and your team for a very good work you've provided.
Best regards

Logrus: Pure Power without a Walnut Trim.

December 23, 2002

Logrus is, and always has been, a private company with a limited number of owners (and no IPO or share price hassles). We've been keeping a close eye on the bottom line right from the start, and see no reason to stop now. We firmly believe that we exist to provide competence, dedication, flexibility, and comprehensive localization solutions, skipping the walnut trim and leather interior. Why pay extra for options that might look great in a car but are useless to localization? Your products will work just as well without them and your budget will feel a whole lot better... To show you what we mean, here's a list of Logrus' New Year's GOTs and NOT GOTs:


  • Expensive premises or business loans
  • A reception area with a gorgeous secretary, company cars, slick workstations, or conference rooms (we can always rent one if we need one)
  • Dedicated business development or account managers, a top-heavy management structure (the managers can pitch in with just about anything...)
  • A bloated accounting department (we have one accountant for the day-to-day and outsource the rest)
  • Interminable and expensive international calls (we've been using video-conferencing for over a year now, and Internet telephony for overseas calls)
  • Leased computer equipment (we purchase everything that's key for our business)


  • Unique problem-solving skills and minimal support requirements
  • Technical savvy in key localization areas-translation, engineering, testing, DTP, multimedia, etc.
  • Experienced people, top-notch computers, a fast network, a practically bulletproof Internet connection, and hardware to cope with the most demanding projects
  • A small, tightly focused management team (all the founders are still here)
  • What it takes to deliver high quality on time, in budget, and with a smile
  • The knack of having fun with all this, even though we'll turn 10 this year!

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