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We are pleased to announce the release of the Select, FPP and Trial CD's for <popular software products> 2002 Russian. This is the first time Russian is been localize for <popular software products>, we are very happy with the quality of the product we are releasing and we are sure it will be a huge success in Russia.
Great work and well done to everyone involved in this release!


Logrus: The Leader in Localization Sanitation.

December 24, 2002

Every successful company needs its own special niche. Ours is one that you won't find on every street corner (fortunately): Localization Sanitation. The hard-core techies of Logrus have always provided sturdy localization solutions, tightly cemented with our unique problem-solving capabilities. This involves overcoming the multiple deficiencies of localization tools, streamlining inefficiencies, achieving the impossible, converting file and data formats, and doing a passel of other major and minor things that don't neatly fit into the standard categories of translation, software engineering, testing, etc., but are still indispensable to real localization.

The second step was a no-brainer: market problem-solving not as the icing on the cake but as a key skill and integral to the process. The one thing that's never in short supply is clients with problems to solve. J And we have some classic cases we could tell you about, including:

  • Localization (with debugging and testing) of a crucial VB-based software component into 11 languages, where all the strings had to be extracted and re-inserted (the results being just about anyone's guess) using a particularly tricky tool.
  • Localization into Japanese of an application that was not double-byte enabled (on a schedule so tight it squeaked). Our engineers modified the source files within a couple of weeks, looking for UI strings, moving them into the localizable resource sections, and enabling double-byte support. The application was then re-built and localized. Result: a working product with 95% of the interface localized.
  • Development of a tool to compare, export, and import localizable resources, designed to offset the deficiencies of the original client-supplied toolkit, which had a way of corrupting resource IDs and losing control coordinates during updates. This new tool also drastically reduced the time spent on dialog re-sizing by sizing the dialogs for one "pilot" language (the one with longest strings) and then automatically applying these sizes to all other languages.

These are just a few recent examples. There are plenty more in the hopper.

You see, there's almost always another way. You can take your cue from a certain captain

"Sir, there's a hole in the hull!"
"A hole? Where?"
"To starboard, below the waterline!"
"Oh, not to worry, then-nobody'll notice."

but if your company has a hole below the waterline (or anywhere else, for that matter) caused by localization and wants it dealt with once and for all, just send up a flare. A team of experienced Logrus janitors, the world's first and the best localization cleanup crew, is ready to go to work.

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