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Hi Artem and Alice
It looks perfect! Thanks a lot for the effort you put into this microsite. I recognise it was a tricky one. But you are experts now in this kind of content, and that means a lot to us.
Best regards

The Moscow Office Is Moving On Saturday, November 22.

November 22, 2003

Logrus is moving its Moscow office on Saturday, November 22, 2003. Please make sure to update your contact list and databases and propagate this among your colleagues. The relocation will take place over the weekend, November 22 & 23, 2003.

Friday, November 21 is a normal working day in the old office. Monday, November 24 is expected to be a normal working day at the new office, unless something unexpected happens.

The new postal address is as follows:

6th Floor, No. 4, Masterkova Street
Moscow, 115280 Russia

Our new phone numbers are:


Management: +7 (095) 510-6271
Production Units: +7 (095) 510-6274 & 6273
Accounting: +7 (095) 510-6270

Here +7 is the international code for Russia, and 095 is area code for Moscow (0 should not be omitted). The old numbers (+7 095 135-5460 and 135-6048) will not be available starting from after November 22.

E-mail is expected to function properly, and addresses will not change. However, there may be some bounced e-mails during the transition period. We apologize for this possible inconvenience and encourage you to re-send your e-mails in each such case.

(!) Please note that there is no such thing as mail forwarding in Russia. We are going to ask the management at the old address to keep mail for us at least until the end of December, 2003, but there may be significant delivery delays.

(!) Unfortunately, we cannot warn all existing courier services, and delivery to the old address will not be possible.

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