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Heheh, I forwarded the tool to my colleagues. They are impressed, you are indeed a king of engineering Vadim! :)
Where do you get the time to do this? – perhaps the cold weather keeps you indoors with your laptop too much? :)
Thanks a lot!

Stephen <well-known companies>

Logrus International, specializing in multilingual localization, globalization, software engineering and testing services, announced its financial results for FY2003, ending December 31, 2003.

February 23, 2004

Total sales have increased by 53% compared to FY2002, fueled by large multilingual localization projects.

Logrus International is a native BRIC-zone MLV vendor, providing localization services into most languages, with emphasis on the former USSR as well as Asian, Middle Eastern and rare languages.

Logrus provides viable, complete, cost-effective multilingual solutions both to large companies with highly sophisticated internal workflow, such as Microsoft, Oracle, and IBM, and to midsize and small firms with limited experience in handling multilingual product release problems. This solution is based on unique localization and engineering experience gained through major projects completed for largest software publishers. It combines access to excellent technical resources with attractive offshore pricing and minimal support requirements. The key of the MLV offering is "factory-direct" pricing for language services provided through established and reputed partners in their respective countries. Savings on translation costs are passed directly to the client. Logrus uses a fully transparent business model that makes it possible to get attractive rates for multilingual projects without compromising quality.

Since the company has been established in 1993 it has grown from 3 to 60 employees in its two offices in Philadelphia, USA and Moscow, Russia.

E-mail: marcom@logrus.ru

Web: http://www.logrus.ru

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