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Vlad, Serge,

My editor has reviewed the file and was very impressed with the quality!! Her words exactly:
The translation is very, very good (including the translation of the slogan). Pass my "kudos" to those guys.:)"
Thanks, Tatiana

Introducing the Logrus Localization Alliance - our new and innovative solution for multilingual localization projects

May 17, 2004

Logrus Localization Alliance (LLA) has been created in the beginning of 2004. It is a network of leading, reliable Single-Language and Multi-Lingual vendors (SLVs and MLVs) created on the basis of regional and/or language coverage and centered around Logrus as the LLA Authority. It provides a unique combination of strengths and advantages and is a good choice for educated customers looking for a complete, one-stop-shopping multilingual localization solution seamlessly combining quality and affordability.

The model combines affordable access to a number of reputable local localization companies and centralized approach to all non-linguistic tasks.

LLA IS different from the competition: 

  • "Factory-direct", SLV-level pricing for an MLV solution.

All price quotes for LLA languages are based on direct rates offered by LLA member companies with no surcharges

  • Established, strong and reputable owner-operated local language solution providers for all languages 
  • Transparency: known “last mile” providers 
  • Non-Linguistic tasks performed in the BRIC zone (including project management) with lower costs 
  • No internal competition among Language Providers

Owing to the attractive underlying idea of combining the best of both worlds (MLV and SLV) and its simple, clear-cut model LLA has almost immediately received positive response from our customers and is now picking up momentum.

For more info please see the following section: http://www.logrus.ru/?Section=WhatIsLLA

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