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Please thank your linguistics for us for being so patient and for doing all this great work on the files.
We are so grateful to you and the linguists for all of the work you did, especially taking so much time to thoughtfully review all of the terminology implementations.

Jill Terminology Xerox Europe Technical Centre

Logrus and Aplana Launch the First Offshore One-Stop Shop for Multilingual Software Development Solutions.

May 20, 2004

Logrus Aplana

The partnership between Logrus International and Aplana Software creates a new value proposition in the area of global deployment and maintenance of multilingual applications

MOSCOW, Russia, May 1, 2004-Logrus International, a multilingual software localization, engineering and testing vendor, and Aplana Software, a global software services provider, have announced a partnership agreement in software development and globalization services for multilingual applications. The offerings target global software vendors and multinational corporations that need to develop, deploy and maintain multilingual software and content products or/and applications on several local markets and seek to optimize development costs, ensuring faster delivery for new global releases of their software, content, products, and services, as well as setting up effective management.

The joint proposal covers all stages of software and content projects, from design to global deployment, ongoing content management in all selected languages, and global user support:

  • Outsourced multilingual product/application/content development, deployment and maintenance;
  • Product, application and content localization to multiple languages;
  • Regular delivery of new releases to multiple locations;
  • Worldwide user support using Web-based tools.


The integration of Aplana's expertise in custom software development, maintenance and testing of global applications with Logrus's noted multilingual localization, globalization, DTP, multimedia and testing services will create the first native offshore one-stop shop for multilingual global software and content development projects. Services will be integrated with a single management team, a single delivery, and a single project repository, improving final product quality through team and expertise integration and speeding time to market through integrated release planning. Another important feature of the venture is its unique combination of local support and worldwide delivery: projects are managed and locally supported from the US, while release delivery is fulfilled globally over the Internet. The alliance allows leveraging of offshore development capabilities: both Aplana Software and Logrus International have highly professional teams based in Russia with over 10 years experience in overseas projects and dozens of satisfied customers. With this partnership, Logrus will gain instant momentum in software development by leveraging Aplana's ISO 9000-certified software development skills, processes, tools and resources to extend service offerings to its current clients and broaden its potential client base worldwide. Aplana, in turn, will be able to develop and deploy truly global solutions.

"We are very excited about this partnership, whose strength is not based on cash, but on the much sounder foundation of firm mutual trust between our two companies' top management, who share the common vision that our services truly complement each other for many current and potential clients. We are ready today to work together on strategic complementary goals, and our distributed enterprise technology truly enables us to forge a combined value proposition," says Serge Gladkoff, President of Logrus International Corporation.

"We believe this partnership will give more weight to both companies' offerings, adding new services and market opportunities, which in turn will enhance their visibility and attractiveness to global customers," says Victor Weinstein, General Director of Aplana Software.


About Logrus

Logrus International (http://www.logrus.ru) is a leading BRIC-native multilingual localization company, with headquarters in USA and a production site in Moscow, Russia. Logrus's services include: localization into all languages of the world, with emphasis in the former USSR, Asian, Middle East and rare languages, as well as multilingual DTP, engineering and testing. Areas of particular specialization include: operating systems and general IT, technical translation, hardware, engineering, ERP, and multimedia. Logrus clients include Microsoft, Oracle and IBM, as well as a wide variety of other customers.

Contact Information
Email marcom@logrus.ru


About Aplana

Aplana Software (http://www.aplana.com) is a steadily growing Moscow-based software services company and a member of I.T.Co, Russia's top high-tech group. Aplana provides a wide range of high-quality software services for international customers, focusing on customized software development and integration. Aplana aims at long-term relations with customers and partners based on cooperation and co-development. Aplana's customer base includes major local and international companies such as the Central Bank of Russia, Comstar, Procter & Gamble, OTIS, TetraPak, Wrigley and many others. Major successes include maintenance of corporate SFA applications for GE Medical Systems (France), co-development of smart-card technology (SmartCity, trademark of ICL/Fujitsu, USA), and product development for Relavis (USA) and Systran (France).

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