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LISA’s 49th international conference was held from June 9–12 in St. Petersburg, Russia

June 14, 2004

LISA Forum Russia, An Insider’s Look at Outsourcing: Connecting Worlds Through Offshore Business Models, held from June 912 in St. Petersburg, Russia was LISA’s (http://www.lisa.org) 49th international conference. It was held in conjunction with the ROSS 2004 conference, sponsored by Fort-Ross Consortium (http://www.fort-ross.ru/) and RUSSOFT (http://www.russoft.org/).

LISA conference attendees focused on work in two main sections. Outsourcing was the main point of the first section. Executives of service providing companies and localization managers of client companies presented their view of choosing between available outsourcing strategies and models, choosing and managing outsourcing partners, and about common outsourcing pitfalls. Serge Gladkoff, President, Logrus International, presented his model of localization vendor evaluation and taxonomy in
  Exploiting Globalization Benefits (1 Mb).
He also took part in a panel session that focused on localization outsourcing.

The other section focused on new processes and standards that are adopted in the industry or currently under development. Presentations in this section focused both on the technical aspects of the new technologies and standards, and on their impact on existing processes with the special emphasis on cost cutting and revenue growth provided by new localization technologies. Petr Bondarev, Project Manager, Logrus International, delved into optimization of multilingual translation process using SDLX 2004, the new product of SDL Desktop Products, in his presentation
  Translation tools: finding a balance between technology and Return on Investment (ROI) (397 Kb).

These presentations are available for download from Logrus web site.

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