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 ... as compared to the size of the ARU, I only found a handful of questionable strings.

This is a telling sign of your great performance, so thank you for your good work!

Best regards,


Logrus further develops its multimedia department

April 20, 2005

Logrus transfers sound recording activities into its Moscow office. The new equipment provides a seamless integration between the analogue recording studios and the corporate intranet, thus the quality control and digital sound processing can be done instantly.

The sound recording activities for the creation of localized multimedia content were transferred to the Logrus office in Moscow. During the preparation stage, the recording room was soundproofed and connected by an analogue cable with the soundman workbench in the multimedia department room. This workbench is equipped with a professional analogue sound mixing console, an A/D converter and digital sound processing tools. It is fully integrated with the corporate intranet and provides a two-way communication for both, an actor working in the studios and all of the corporate network users. Moreover, the integration between intranet and analogue equipment lets the soundman play any sound files from the intranet directly into the actor’s headphones. The recorded sound file can be immediately accessed by a sound engineer who preprocesses the file and hands it over for further processing to the in-house or the external specialists.

The studio’s technical facilities allow recording for a wide variety of multimedia content such as games,  advertizing flash and movie clips, full-time movies and e-learning courses. The availability of the network resources and advanced communication facilities of the system provides a significant increase in the quality of the recorded material. Actors can listen to the source sound files and live instructions from the people in charge who are not involved in the recording process directly. This allows for the actors to fully understand the context of a recording, the requirements to every single phrase, and as a whole in the recording. Any questions can be immediately addressed without interrupting the process. This leads to a decrease of the recording time and the effort required for processing of the recorded material. Another factor to cut back the cost is the shortening of the time that the recording material travels from the microphone to the sound engineer’s computer, this means that large volumes of data don’t have to travel over the WAN.

As a result of integration of the studios and the corporate intranet, the cost of the sound recording and the processing was decreased by 20% and the efficiency of the process was increased by 15%, resulting in a time-to-market shortening for the localized multimedia content.

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