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Please thank your linguistics for us for being so patient and for doing all this great work on the files.
We are so grateful to you and the linguists for all of the work you did, especially taking so much time to thoughtfully review all of the terminology implementations.

Jill Terminology Xerox Europe Technical Centre

Logrus Localizes Thomson NETg Training Courses

April 25, 2005

Logrus has completed the full cycle of localization of training courses for the American corporation Thomson NETg (http://www.netg.com). Russian-language courses were fully adapted for the developing Russian corporate and distance learning market and meet the highest quality standards.

In cooperation with Thomson NETg specialists, Logrus specialists thoroughly studied the structure, software tools and methodology of courses, as well as the localization processes, recommended by Thomson NETg. Desktop-type courses were localized using a process recommended by Thomson NETg. Localization of BPD (Business & Professional Development) courses required development of a proprietary process. Logrus workflow made possible for course localization to be accomplished on a tight schedule with required quality. Work is carried on simultaneously on several courses.

Localization of both types of courses is done using Trados Translation Memory technology. This reduces the volume of translation per course by 50–75% and assures high consistency of language and terminology, conforming to the course developers’ instructional concept. Combined with a glossary and a Logrus-developed query database, both available on the Internet, the technology ensured complete integration of internal and external teams involved in the work. The course localization process consists of many interrelated phases, including complex engineering tasks, sound recording and processing, assembly of courses, and the organization of smooth work for a large team of specialists.

The course content is adapted to the language and practices followed in the present-day Russian business environment. Recording of audio content is carried out in the Logrus studio, and the texts are read by professional actors.

For purposes of testing and review of working versions of courses, Web SVM server was deployed in the corporate network, affording access for the whole project team, including translators, engineers, and testers, to the course. The assembled Russian-language course goes through two phases of testing: functional and linguistic.

The smooth work of the whole project team, which includes translators, proofreaders, engineers, designers, multimedia specialists, and testers, enables the full cycle of localizing one course to be accomplished from scratch to a turnkey product in one month.

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