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The current level of quality for Russian is in line with the quality of all other languages, and some vendors have been working on these for a long time now, so I’m glad to see than in a few months you’ve gained a good amount of knowledge.


Translation, voiceover and editing of Lexmark commercials in Hebrew.

August 31, 2006

During the course of the work on the new commercial, our specialists here at Logrus fulfilled the following functions:

  1. auditioning the commercial and recording the commercial text in Hebrew,
  2. translation and adaptation of the commercial’s script, taking into consideration the aesthetic and commercial needs of the client’s marketing department while simultaneously developing the script and synchronizing it to the speaker’s lip movements for seamless dubbing effect,
  3. recording the complete soundtrack,
  4. final editing of the soundtrack,
  5. video editing of the commercial.


The commercial has since been distributed as an example of our work, with the kind permission of Lexmark.

The Original Commercial
The Client’s Final Product

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