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Again thank you so much for the great support and excellent work.

Looking forward

«The right» localization

September 20, 2006

ISDEF forum participants are past the need of convincing that multilingual localization is essential service part of key business process stages. Everybody knows that we need this thing, but how to do it right? Should we do it fully in house, engage users willing to translate for free or contract professional services and if yes, how to choose from them?

In order to set your company to the right course, you should first fully realize that contract services is more profitable than do it in house; determine your own localization process maturity level, determine your needs and approach, formulate tasks that must be outsourced to save time and in-house effort.

The next step would be to use suggested supplier taxonomy to select appropriate supplier class, matching requirements for skills, reliability, capabilities, scalability and price rangeу.

«The right» localization – is localization that fits you right and we hope that this presentation will give you insight how to achieve it.

Read more on www.isdef.org

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