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I have attached the broad status report for QA which I think is what you are looking for... The quality of the work was excellent and the turnaround on any issues found was very fast.

Thanks to you and all of your team for all of your excellent work.


Logrus Creates English Language Voiceover for Parkan II

November 08, 2006

Logrus has just finished production of the English-language voiceover for the game Parkan II (http://games.1c.ru/parkan2/), put out by the company 1C. Now it is possible for English-speaking players to enjoy and appreciate this gaming project, an amazing mix of space simulator, FPS and RPG genres.

Recording took place in Logrus’s very own in-house studio, literally just a few steps from the subway station, a fact which actors and other project collaborators with busy schedules appreciate. Those who took part in the recording process were native speakers of both US and UK English working in Moscow who had successfully gone through our rigorous selection process. All have experience working in theatre, television, radio or other media.

Parkan II is essentially a science fiction game in which there are numerous radio talks as well as idiosyncratic characters who speak, including robots and computers which can tend to become quite emotional at times, and for this reason a lot of special effects work was done on the recordings in addition to the initial recording of the voice parts in English. The client ordering the English voiceover did not impose strict guidelines with regard to the type or frequency of the special effects, and we therefore found ourselves with a fantastic chance to get into the creative aspect of the work, having this time rather more than the usual artistic licence. We tried to go beyond just getting the English sounds and special effects to approximate the original Russian as much as possible – an admirable goal in itself – and instead aimed to produce a seamless, enjoyable gaming experience in the English language for those who would prefer this version. The gamers themselves, of course, will have the last word on how well we did. We hope the final result is to their liking.

You’re welcome to have a look – or rather, a listen – to samples of both the Russian and English audio files and judge for yourself. These can be found by following the links:

Sample 1
Russian ~ 90 KB
English ~ 71 KB

Sample 2
Russian ~ 119 KB
English ~ 128 KB

Sample 3
Russian ~ 108 KB
English ~ 74 KB

Sample 4
Russian ~ 101 KB
English ~ 110 KB

Sample 5
Russian ~ 183 KB
English ~ 142 KB

Sample 6
Russian ~ 156 KB
English ~ 141 KB


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