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Hello Dmitry and Logrus team.

This is a follow-up and thank you e-mail. The client has approved the project with no changes. 
Thank you very much for your support and efforts - Good work! 
Looking forward to working with you in the future,
Best regards,

Logrus continues to develop eLearning tools

May 31, 2007

Logrus has been having incredible success with its eLearning development department, which specializes in localizing instructional materials and educational programs.

There is now an active collaboration going on with the Microsoft Company in the field of eLearning. Microsoft products and solutions were recently put on display by Logrus at the eLearnExpo-2007 trade fair (reporting from the trade fair can also be found here).

At the conference which took place at the trade fair, Logrus presented a report on the features of localization in the field of electronic education, also known as eLearning. In addition to localization and development of the Microsoft Learning Gateway portal and Class Server, the solutions Microsoft Sharepoint Learning Kit and Microsoft Learning Network Manager were also localized, and localization of the products Microsoft Learning Essentials and Microsoft Shared Computer Toolkit is being planned.

To learn more about the Microsoft Learning Gateway solution please go to http://www.mlg-edu.ru.

The following in particular are among the projects in the field of electronic education which Logrus has been involved in:

  • Microsoft Learning Gateway 3.0
  • Microsoft Sharepoint Learning Kit
  • Microsoft Learning Network Management
  • Microsoft CRM Training Course
  • Microsoft Class Server 3.0
  • Microsoft Class Server 4.0
  • Microsoft Office 2007 Training Courses
  • Oracle Apps/Systems Training Courses
  • NETg BPD and IT Training Courses


Download the presentation (524 Кб)


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