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Dear Alexei,

I just had a call with the project manager of the ***************nz website project. ***************nz is highly satisfied with the quality and the work delivered and is looking forward to working with us on forthcoming projects.

Many thanks for your excellent support!

Kind regards, Ludwig

Project Management Workshop, ELIA, Paris, 13-14 March 2008

March 28, 2008

Are rates the only thing important to clients? Can we help our case by being more transparent and unveiling details of the process and other things clients might not ask about?

What should we disclose or emphasize in the first place? Is it worth to disclose how the work is or can be done? What is the best-kept secret about rate vs. volume dependence? 

Leonid Glazychev, CEO of Logrus International Corporation, challenged some pre-conceived notions about how business is done in the language industry. See  Is Transparency a Threat or a Treat?  Managing/Explaining Costs & Process.

The presentation   Curb Your Conformance:  Management with a Local Flavor   discusses the issue of local flavors in project management: They are always there, but we are trying to ignore this.

It introduces the concept of a two-way street when dealing with this aspect, and argues that these flavors should be properly described, conveyed to the clients and presented as an advantage rather than nuisance.

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