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We've reviewed these files and were very, very happy with the work your team did. My editor made only a few minor changes (she realized that our TM had not been updated to reflect recent feedback we had received from our Moscow office in the translation of "website"). In any case, her go the unclean files so that you can update your copy of the TM.

Many thanks,


Nowadays localization companies differ from each other not by the set of languages they cover, but by the set of services they offer. Logrus key competences include exceptional technical, problem solving and troubleshooting skills. 

As unique problem-solving capabilities holders, Logrus leading technical specialists have always provided sturdy localization solutions. This involves overcoming multiple deficiencies of localization tools, streamlining inefficiencies, achieving the impossible, converting file and data formats, and completing other major and minor tasks that do not neatly fall into the standard categories of translation, software engineering, testing etc., but are still indispensable to real localization.

We believe that common technical tasks, software engineering and testing for as many languages as you need can be centralized in one place. This makes the process more robust, ensures better consistency and, most importantly, facilitates knowledge concentration and leveraging. A single team of experts working on product localization into a number of languages is able to share know-how and solutions in the most effective way.

On the other hand, the process of translating into several languages limits the extent of knowledge leveraging and precludes a hub approach. The only centralized activity is management which provides a single point of contact for the client but also adds a significant cost to the service.

Logrus does not have offices all over the globe. Instead of overseeing costly subsidiary structures, we concentrate on technical and engineering tasks and outsource translation to our partners worldwide. All source materials are prepared by our experienced engineers and processed by them upon return, thus eliminating problems at the front and back ends. Our clients benefit from this scheme too as they pay only the translation vendor fees and a reasonable project management fee for a professional, timely and efficiently localized product.

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