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An entry has been made for outsourcer name: Logrus International

http://proz.com/ blueboard/4319

Willingness to work again:                       5*
Comment:                                            Clear-cut job assignments, perfect approach to QA/QC, friendly and skilful editors, never a single delay in payments for over a year and a half
Met in person:                                      No
Saw office:                                           No
Client size:
Years in business:                                  10
Project count:                                       5

Software development

Software development is one of Logrus’s core competencies.

Logrus has permanent staff members who have software development skills and experience and are regularly engaged in external and internal software development projects in various programming languages and environments.
Logrus develops software for its clients and for internal purposes, such as productivity tools, and workflow automation systems and utilities.
To carry out most of our localization software engineering and testing successfully,  members of our SW engineering department have acquired extensive knowledge of various operating systems, programming languages and applications, proprietary tools and programming techniques, markup languages, as well as database and web technologies.

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