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Computer Games Localization


Information Technology

Telecom and mobile communications


BMW marketing materials localization

Multilingual translations for Nortel

Video localization for AUMA

Multilingual localization for Evernote

Project management portal for Samsung

Automation of Auma documents circulation

Trados technology utilization

Logrus presents audio tour guides to the state museum of oriental art

Lighting Up The Sun


Thanks a lot for your support in the project ** ! I have evaluated your performance during the project based on the following five criteria:

Category Result Comment
Deadline compliance and delivery completeness Meets expectations Good job
Quality of deliverables N/A N/A
Communication Meets expectations Good job
Scalability/Responsiveness Above expectations Great job done since volume was high, translation start many time postponed and timeframe short.
Technical expertise Meets expectations Good job

Looking forward to working with you in the next project!


Industry Solutions

Over 18 years, Logrus has accumulated translation experience for several industries, including information technologies, telecommunications, the automotive industry, healthcare, education, etc. Understanding industry specifics and a large number of successfully completed projects made our company an expert on translation in these areas.

Information technologies The localization process in this industry is highly technology-related and orchestrated by the need to ensure seamless work of the entire system with the new interface and in the new language environment. Large-scale projects require highly organized work of large translator teams to meet deadlines.
Telecommunications In the telecommunications market, technologies evolve rapidly, new terminology arrives all the time, and the deadlines are extremely tight. This puts some very rigid constraints to the localization process.
Automotive industry This industry is characterized by the need to localize large volumes of technical and marketing information, and by great diversity of the materials for translation: from legal and technical documentation to presentations and staff training videos.
Audiotours We translate audio guides into various languages. For this, we perform casting of professional voice talent, recording, addition of background music and sound effects.

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